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01 November 2017 @ 04:08 pm

08 Kara Icons

Credit is required, comments are appreciated ♥

You can credit foryourworld or borrowed. Thank you :D

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31 October 2017 @ 10:05 pm
So, I had posted previously when I first opened this comm back in 2011 (omg, its been so long!)
but I had hosted those photos on photobucket and of course they're gone now.
So because it would be such a pain in the behind to reupload every single icon to the four posts I had,
I deleted them and will be re-uploading them.

I need a time machine oh ...Collapse )
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25 September 2011 @ 12:54 pm

Hello! Welcome to my icon community.
This is a place where I will post any icons I've made that I'm willing to share with others :)

I mainly stan girl groups so majority of the icons will be of girl groups that I like.
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